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Contact Details

Prof. Liam T. Ball

School of Chemistry

University of Nottingham

University Park

Nottingham NG7 2RD




tel.: +44 (0)1157 486 232

Career Summary

2024   Professor of Chemistry, University of Nottingham, UK

2021   Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry, University of Nottingham, UK

2021   UKRI Future Leaders Fellow, University of Nottingham, UK

2015   Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry, University of Nottingham, UK

2014-2015   Post-doctoral research assistant with Prof. Guy C. Lloyd-Jones FRS FRSE, University of Edinburgh, UK

2009-2014   PhD with Dr Chris A. Russell and Prof. Guy C. Lloyd-Jones FRS FRSE, University of Bristol, UK

2005-2009   MSci (Chemistry, first class Hons.), University of Bristol, UK

Selected Awards

2024   RSC Hickinbottom Prize

2022   UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship

2021   Visiting Professorship, University of Toronto

2021   Thieme Chemistry Journals Award

2012   Syngenta Scholarship in Organic Chemistry

2010   SCI Messel and Gray Scholarship

2009   Salters’ Graduate Prize

2009   W E Garner Prize (University of Bristol)

2009   Mike Rothwell Prize (University of Bristol)

2009   DSM Prize (University of Bristol)

Invited Lectures 

2024   12th Singapore International Chemistry

            Conference (Singapore)

2024   ACS Fall Meeting (Denver, USA)

2024   9th EUChemS Chemistry Conference (Dublin, Ireland)

2024   Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference (York, UK)

2024   University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK)

2023   University of Bristol (Bristol, UK)

2023   University of Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)

2023   University of Leicester (Leicester, UK)

2023   International Symposium of Synthesis and Catalysis 2023 

            (Evora, Portugal)

2023   Sygnature Discovery (Nottingham, UK)

2023   AstraZeneca (Macclesfield, UK)

2023   University of Bath (Bath, UK)

2023   University of Liverpool (Liverpool, UK)

2023   Nottingham Sustainable CDT Showcase (Nottingham, UK)

2023   Evotec (Abingdon, UK)

2023   Pfizer (Sandwich, UK)

2022   Charnwood Molecular (Loughborough, UK)

2022   University of Manchester (Manchester, UK)

2022   University of Warwick (Warwick, UK)

2021   ACS Fall Meeting (Atlanta, USA)

2021   University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada)

2021   Université du Québec à Montréal (Montréal, Canada)

2021   University of St Andrews (St Andrews, UK)

2019   University of Sussex (Brighton, UK)

2019   Pfizer (Sandwich, UK)

2019   Solvay (Oldbury, UK)

2019   Eli Lilly (Windlesham, UK)

2019   Syngenta (Jealott's Hill, UK)

2019   Chemical Synthesis CDT Summer Conference (Bristol, UK)

2019   Young Chemists Conference, Imperial College (London, UK)

2018   Copenhagen University (Copenhagen, Denmark)

2018   Denmark Technical University (Copenhagen, Denmark)

2018   Joseph Banks Symposium of Organic and Biological         

            Chemistry (Lincoln, UK)

2018   Dial-a-Molecule Annual Meeting (London, UK)

2018   AstraZeneca (Cambridge, UK)

2017   Eli Lilly (Windlesham, UK)

2017   Dial-a-Molecule Annual Meeting (Liverpool, UK)

2017   Dial-a-Molecule ECR Meeting (Liverpool, UK)

2016   23rd Annual SCI Review Meeting (London, UK)

2016   Sustainable Chemistry Annual Conference (Nottingham, UK)

2015   AstraZeneca (Macclesfield, UK)

2015   Syngenta (Jealott's Hill, UK)

2015   Sustainable Chemistry Annual Conference (Nottingham, UK)

2015   Chemical Synthesis CDT Summer Conference (Bristol, UK)

2013   Inorganic and Materials Final Year Presentation (Bristol, UK)

2012   Postgraduate Scholarship Awards Meeting (Syngenta, UK)

2012   Gordon Stone Symposium (Bristol, UK)

2012   SCI College of Scholars: Science and Careers (London, UK)

2011   SCI Regional Meeting of the College of Scholars (York, UK)

2011   Organic Chemistry Postgraduate Prize Day (Lilly, UK)

Liam Ball
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