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The Ball Group is a synthetic and physical organic chemistry research group based in the School of Chemistry at the University of Nottingham, UK.


Latest News

April 2024. Farewell to Dr Sudheesh Sivanandan, who leaves us for a post-doc position with Prof. Hon Lam in Nottingham. Thanks for all your contributions!

March 2024. Goodbye and good luck to Richard Herzog, who leaves us after 5 months to complete his Masters in Freiburg.

January 2024. Many congratulations to Andy Fox, whose bismacycle scale-up has been published in OPRD.


October 2023. We're pleased to welcome Maisy Barnett, Alek Mulligan and Ezgu Onar to the group for their final year MSci research projects.

October 2023. Welcome to Richard Herzog, who is joining us for 5 months from the Werz lab in Freiburg.

October 2023. A warm welcome to Dr Benjamin Owen, who joins us as PDRA following a PhD with Prof. Pat Guiry at University College Dublin. 

October 2023. Welcome to Olivia Munns, who returns to the group for her PhD in collaboration with AstraZeneca. 


October 2023. Many congratulations to Dr Desiree Dalligos, who successfully defended her thesis at the hands of Dr Marc Reid and Prof. Chris Hayes.

August 2023. Many congratulations to Dr Charlie Swan, who has been awarded a prestigious EPSRC Doctoral Prize to take his first steps towards independence under the mentorship of Dr Nick Mitchell.

July 2023. Well done to Sudheesh Sivanandan and Benjamin Owen, whose study on the post-transmetallation functionalisation of aryl bismacycles is published in J. Org. Chem.

July 2023. Many congratulations to Charlie Swan on successfully defending his PhD thesis! Thanks to Dr Cristophe Aissa and Prof. Ross Denton for doing the honours.

July 2023. Alessio Calcatelli and Martyna Ostrowska take first and second prizes, respectively, for their posters at Nottingham's annual postgraduate symposium! Well done, both!

June 2023. Many congratulations to Ben Joynson, who defended his thesis in a record 1 h 46 min! Many thanks to Profs Joe Harrity and Rob Stockman for putting Ben through his paces. 

June 2023. Huge congratulations to Gemma Valentine, the latest doctor to graduate from the Ball group! Many thanks to Drs Alex Pulis and James Cuthbertson for giving Gemma a fitting send-off. 

June 2023. Ben Joynson's paper on the ring expansion of indoles, pyrroles and pyrazoles is published in Angewandte Chemie! Many congratulations to Ben, and our collaborator Graham Cumming at Eli Lilly.  

May 2023. Many congratulations to Desiree Dalligos, whose research on dielectric spectroscopy for reaction monitoring is online in OPRD. 

January 2023. Ben Joynson's review on skeletal editing is published in Helv. Chim. Acta. And it comes with a richly deserved * for Ben!

December 2022. Aaron Senior and Katie Ruffell's long-awaited paper on meta-selective arylation is published in Nature Chemistry! A great outcome that reflects a huge amount of hard work.

November 2022. Congratulations to Katie Ruffell, who defended her thesis in fine style! Many thanks to Profs Alex Gagnon and Hon Lam for putting her through her paces. Katie leaves us to join Charles River in Cambridge.   


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